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3 best places in Los Angeles to practice water sports

The fact that Los Angeles has weather of 80-degrees year round, makes this place great for enjoying water sports. There are many lovely beaches where you can have a fun time. Here are some of the best places in Los Angeles to practice water sports.

El Porto Beach


The consistent waves of this beach make it a favorite for the surfers. This is a great place for surfers of all levels; from beginners to professionals. You can pick a spot along the wide stretch of surf with different breaks marked by jetties on either side. You can enjoy both shallow waves in summer and overhead waves in winter.

Surfrider Beach


This is a World Surfing Reserve which is made famous by the surf legends. The three point breaks make this a good spot for both longboarders and shortboarders. The first point, which is the most southern end bordered by Malibu pier, is good for brave surfers who are ready to fight the waves. Second and third points are better for shortboarders.

County Line Beach


This is the northernmost beach bordering Ventura County. It is a great escape from the crowd. It has crystal clear waters. It is a popular playground for surfers and kite surfers. The wide beach break is perfect for surfers of all levels. The afternoon winds are perfect for kite surfing.

Most of the beaches in Los Angeles offer a number of activities. People of all ages can enjoy water sports in these lovely beaches. The beaches are extremely safe with safeguards continuously monitoring the beach activities. If you are looking for some great water sports, then you must visit these beaches.


The beginner’s guide to start wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is more like water skiing. It originated with a boat towing a person standing on two planks. In order to get started, you need to follow a few steps.


You need a rope of about 15 meters that gets you closer to the boat in a bigger wake. You need a buoyancy vest for safety.


You should learn how and where you stand on the board. You must first find out whether you are left-foot-forward or right-foot-forward. In order to find out, first stand up, put your feet together and have someone to push you from behind. Whichever foot goes forward first is your lead foot.

Bindings Placement

You should place the bindings at about shoulder-width with the rear foot farther back to help with directional stability. You should start with the rear foot straight across the board or slightly forward to 9 degrees. The front foot must be at 27 degrees.

Getting in the water

Float on your back with a buoyancy vest. The board must be perpendicular to the rope with your arms either side of your front knee. As you are pulled forward, the pressure against the board will let you get into the starting position. Let the pressure on the board push your knees into your chest. Then push your front foot forward toward the boat. When the driver starts, remain in a crouched position. Shift your weight toward the front foot and keep the nose about the water. Slowly rise to the standing position. Try to get comfortable on your boat.

The more you practice, the better you will get at it. Balancing is the main thing in this sport. Make sure you wear the right outfit so that you are comfortable in water.

US, Water Sports

4 most common water sports in the US

Water fascinates everyone. Some people like the calm blue water, whereas others like the turbulent currents. People in the US love water sports, specailly during the summer. Here are some common water sports in the US.

Jet Skiing

It is a very adventurous adrenaline rushing sport. It uses a jet powered scooter which moves on the surface of the water with very high speed. In the beginning, you may have to be accompanied by an instructor. But once you learn how to control the ski per the direction of the waves, you will start to have fun.


It is also a great fun sport. The person is towed behind a boat , at the same time attached to a specially created big canopy wing called the para-sail wing. As the boat moves, the person flies in the air.


The swimmer explores the magnificent underwater marine life without heavy equipment. All you need is a diving mask, a snorkel and swim fins. Snorkeling brings you very close to the nature. This sport is appropriate for people of any age group.

Kite Surfing

This sport combines surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, gymnastics and paragliding. The wind power propels the rider across the water on the kite board. Kite surfing lets you ride in water by keeping good control. For those who love challenging the waves, this is a great sport for you.

Water sporting is getting more popular these days. The best part of any water sport is it’s adventurous nature. By participating in water sports, you can make any vacation a memorable one. You must remember to use the right clothing and equipment before you get down to the sea. Safety must be your prior concern while attempting these water sports.